We look for dynamic and visionary leaders, backed by dedicated and experienced teams

Competitive Edge

Breakthrough technologies are preferred over incremental improvements in existing markets


Businesses that create and deliver solutions direct to clients and end users

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Growth markets

We focus on big markets - the bigger the market, the more room there is for start-ups to succeed

Exit Strategy

We look for investments with clear exit strategies within 3-5 years


We only invest in businesses that keep and monitor actionable metrics that focus on driving growth

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Getting people back into high street shops -NearSt is a retail technology company building the world’s source of real-time local inventory. Their technology, NearLive, connects to any shop inventory system and turns raw stock into quality live inventory data, ready for the web. 


A biochemical engineering company that is commercialising a suite of powerful new technologies for applications in drug discovery and regenerative medicine. 


Commercialising smart ventilation control systems - helping householders save money on energy bills, without compromising air quality. Its smart sensors monitor the environmental conditions in hoses and smart algorithms enable automatic air flow regulation.

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